Copyright and Competition: A Legal Tightrope for Streaming Services


S. Vishnu


The rise of streaming services has transformed the entertainment industry, providing users with easy access to a wide range of content. However, the industry faces legal challenges in balancing copyright and competition laws. This article provides an overview of the current copyright and competition landscape for streaming services, highlighting the legal issues that arise when copyrighted content is distributed without proper authorization, and exploring anti-competitive practices in the industry. The article also discusses successful strategies and best practices for streaming services in major jurisdictions, including obtaining licenses and authorizations, offering original and licensed content, providing low-cost subscriptions, and partnering with telecom operators. Ultimately, this article emphasizes the importance of complying with copyright and competition laws to promote fair competition and protect the rights of copyright holders.


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S. Vishnu. (2023). Copyright and Competition: A Legal Tightrope for Streaming Services. Competition Commission of India Journal on Competition Law and Policy, 4(1), 27–40.


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