Before submitting the manuscript, every author needs to ensure all these mentioned below. This will also minimize chances of rejection..

➡The work should be an original and unpublished work.
➡Duly signed Certificate of Originality in prescribed format
➡CV(s) of all Authors
➡The manuscript of research paper should be in the following order:

  • Title
  • Abstract and Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methods and Results
  • Discussion
  • Summary or Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements and References

Manuscript in MS-Word format in the following Manuscript length and formatting:

1. Language/ Medium of the paper English
 2.  Maximum word limit
(including research questions, methodology, conclusion and foot notes)
Research Paper : 8000 words
Article : 6000 words
Book Review : 2500 words
 3.  Document format Word
 4.  Name of submitted file Title of the paper
 5.  Size of the paper A4
 6.  Margin 2.54 cm (1 inch) on all sides
 7.  Font Style Book Antiqua
 8.  Font Size 11-point font
 9.  Line Spacing Double-spacing (2.0)
 10.  Paragraph Spacing 0-point and left-aligned
 11.  Formatting for the title of the paper 20-point, bold, centre-aligned, and title case (capitalise each word)
 12.  Author Details Details of Authors should be mentioned only on the first/ title page of the paper in the following manner:
→ 11-point, Italic, Centre aligned
→ Just below the title
• Full name
• Designation
• Organisation
→ In the footnotes
• Email Id (optional)
• Contact number (optional)
 13.  Headings 11-point, bold, centre-aligned, title case
 14.  Subheadings →Level 1 subheading: 11-point, bold, left-aligned, title case
→Level 2 subheading: 11-point, bold italic, left-aligned, title case
→Level 3 subheading: 11-point, bold, indented, title case
→Level 4 subheading: 11-point, bold italic, indented, title case
 15.  Page Number Top right corner
 16.  Table Number The table number (e.g., Table 1) appears above the table title and body in bold font.
 17.  Name/title and number of table The table title appears one doublespaced line below the table number, in title case.
 18.  Figures/ Graphs/ Images The figure number (e.g., Figure 1) appears above the figure title and image in bold font.
 19.  Name and number of figures/ graphs/ images The figure title appears one doublespaced line below the figure number, in title case.
 20.  Source/Other Notes of table/ figures/graphs/images Three types of notes (general, specific, and probability) can appear below the figure to describe contents of the figure that cannot be understood from the figure title, image, and/or legend alone (e.g., definitions of abbreviations, copyright attribution, explanations of asterisks use to indicate p values). Include figure notes only as needed.
 21.  Symbols Must be defined
 22.  Abbreviations Must be defined
 23.  Referencing style APA 7th edition (see https://apastyle. references/examples )
 24.  Permissions Acknowledge the source for any copy right matter that has been reused.